If it can be done online, IWS will do it. If you think it can’t be done online, IWS will conceive it.

The IWS philosophy is built on a handful of building blocks, things we believe are true no matter the client, no matter the medium, no matter the campaign concept.

It’s about the balance of message and technology. While a whiz-bang application of the latest in Internet features can dazzle a user, we believe that a sustained relationship with our clients’ targets requires something more: A message that’s authentic, relevant to the targets’ lives and emotionally compelling. The technology is great to get draw their eyeballs, but it’s the message that grabs their hearts and minds.

It’s about what moves your business. If it doesn’t work – meaning if it doesn’t move your bottom line or your poll numbers – it must be fixed. No matter how cool it is; no matter how many awards it wins. Our definition of success is your definition of success.

It’s not about taking a guess. It’s about crafting a strategy and executing it. Guessing is what people do when they’ve failed to do their homework. That’s not acceptable at IWS. We research your campaign or brand and develop solutions based on those insights. Once we’ve discovered what content your targets need to receive and which mediums best deliver that content, we frame, build and time our marketing tactics to best execute the plan.