We may seem like the standard web company, but once you get to know us you will see that we are anything but standard.

Right now at IWS …

11 years. In the world online, that’s 5 lifetimes, easy. How has IWS survived and thrived? By combining technological smarts with compelling content. Imagine the geekiest geek you know … if he also understood politics, pop culture and business strategy. That’s IWS.

… we’re busy building an online campaign for a national leader. And we’re crafting an interactive strategy for a ballot proposition to change the way the government handles health care. And we’re blasting an email to 800,000 of our closest political friends. And we’re building an iPhone app to help you buy groceries. And we’re blogging about how to build your Twitter network. And we’re connecting a few hundred thousand people in a digital neighborhood. And we’re using social media to raise donations for food bank.

You get the idea. Right now is the busiest moment of every day at IWS.

With more than a decade on the front lines of the Internet, IWS has become an industry leader in one thing: Using digital marketing to change people’s minds in our clients’ favor. Sorry if you expected something fancier, like “pushing technology to the limits of the galaxy” or “specializing in digital political triangulation for candidates and their electronic surrogates.” We’re just not that fancy. At IWS, we view technology as a tool and content as the building block of a relationship. And we view our clients as people who need results.

Simple? Sure. But it’s worked for 11 years. We figure it’ll work for 100 more.